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Looking for a reliable dentist in Kent (WA) area. Give Dr. Jasmine Dentistry, at Sunrise Dental, a try. 
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Dentists Kent Washington (WA)
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Welcome to the Dentist Office of Sunrise Dental…Your Family Dentistry Serving   Kent, Washington.

Dentist  Kent, WA

From emergency care, pediatrics, to family dentistry, Dr. Jasmine Kahlon mission is simple, “We maintain your dental health, assist in preventing serious dental and medical illnesses, and give you a brighter more healthy smile.” We make sure our patients in the  Kent, WA area are treated with high quality care at an affordable price.

Our dentists and staff take great pride in assuring your dental needs are met. Our team takes time listening to your questions or concerns so the best treatment options are used. We are highly skilled, motivated, and ready to give you the best service in  Kent, WA.

In addition to routine cleanings we specialize in:

• Root canal
• Implants
• Crowns
• Cracked teeth
• Dentures
• Cavaties
• Braces
• Oral surgery
• Teeth whitening
• Periodontal disease 

Imagine Yourself with a New Smile

At Sunrise Dental, our cosmetic dentistry team provides the most up-to-date services to build confidence and self esteem. At your initial exam, we create a plan and thoroughly go over various techniques for your new journey. 

We combine science, artistry, and experience, to provide you the best technique to make your visit at our  Kent location life changing.  From day one, you see and feel the change while your confidence builds. There are few things more exhilarating than a glowing smile. Let our team at Sunrise Dental in  Kent, give you the smile of your dreams.  


Sunrise Dental is located at 10216 SE 256th St. Ste. 108 Kent, WA 98030. We proudly serve the people of Kent, WA, King County, including cities Auburn, and Renton and surrounding Seattle, Washington areas.

For a dentist who makes your health a priority in Greater Seattle, please call us at 253-856-3384 or schedule an appointment 
How to Deal With Dental Emergencies
Have you ever spoken to your dentist Kent WA regarding what to do when you have a dental emergency? Dental emergencies occur when you least expect it. They can turn out to be stressful situations if you are caught unawares and don’t know what to do next. We’ll let you in on a few tips on how to handle dental emergencies.

Find a reliable dental clinic
Not every family dental Kent WA is well equipped to handle dental emergencies. It’s important to have a good dentist within reach in the event of an emergency. Issues like a broken tooth, jaw injury or facial fracture need to be addressed by a qualified dentist Kent WA immediately. If you are yet to find a reliable dentist, start by searching for one within your area. Consider their level of experience in handling dental emergencies, accessibility and availability. 

Don’t self-medicate
Some dental problems escalate and become difficult to restore because the patient took a lot of time before seeking professional help. Dentists Kent WA usually recommend visiting the dental clinic immediately when an issue arises. For instance, a toothache shouldn’t be tolerated until it becomes unbearable. Toothaches are usually the first sign that something is wrong. If you don’t give it quick attention, you may encounter severe pain and discomfort that requires costly treatment.

Don’t panic
It’s normal to be scared and stressed when faced with dental emergencies. But the worst thing you can ever do is to panic. Panicking during dental emergencies serves only to worsen the situation. If you are not able to visit the dental clinic immediately, call your dentist and get advice on how to handle the situation until you seek medical help. 

Ask your dentist 
During your next dental appointment, talk to your dentist Kent WA regarding how to deal with emergency situations. For instance, if you knock out a tooth, you may want to know whether you will need to keep it or get rid of it. Your dentist may advise you to keep the tooth and store it in a cup of milk until you visit the clinic. Swelling can also be an issue and you may use cold compresses to minimize it until you get to the dental center.

Know how to prevent dental emergencies
One of the best ways to prevent dental problems that arise when you least expect them to is to visit the dentist regularly. Regular dental checkups will ensure your teeth are in their proper state. The dentist will look out for signs of decay, gum infection and other common dental problems in advance. 

Dental emergencies do not last long especially when they are addressed immediately and by the right specialist. When treating a dental problem, always opt for solutions that deal with the underlying problem. An over the counter pain medication may appear to be a quick way of dealing with the situation but it may never address the underlying issue. Visit the family dental Kent WA to get advice on the type of dental emergencies you should be looking out for.

How to Maintain Good Dental Hygiene – Advise from a Dentist Kent WA
It is common knowledge that you need to take care of your teeth to avoid issues like bad breath, toothaches and keep dental expenses at bay. But it’s easy to forget the basics of good oral hygiene. Here are a few things you need to do to maintain optimal oral health. 

Brush at least twice daily
Brushing your teeth after meals helps to reduce plaque that forms on the surface. Regular brushing can enhance your breath and prevent tooth decay. Remember you need to brush your teeth properly. A reliable dentist Kent WA can show you how to properly brush your teeth during your next appointment.

Floss on a regular basis
Flossing your teeth daily can help you prevent accumulation of plaque in between your teeth. Your toothbrush may never reach some areas and this may result in serious decay within no time. You need to get rid of those food particles that get stuck in between your teeth each day.

Eat healthy
What you eat can easily translate into dental problems if you’re not careful. This is because the bacteria that is present in the mouth is attracted to sugars that you consume in food. Reduce the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis to prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth. Dentists Kent WA usually recommend brushing teeth after consuming sugary foods to prevent bacteria.

Regular dental appointments
Visit the family dental Kent WA on a regular basis for checkups and to have your teeth cleaned. It helps to prevent dental problems before they worsen. Visiting a dentist Kent WA for checkups can also help to treat issues or improve your smile. 

Avoid tobacco
Tobacco is one of the main contributors of oral cancer and a myriad of dental issues. When you stop smoking cigarettes you are not only doing a big favor to your lungs but also your teeth. Most smokers will consume sweets or coffee to cover the smoky breath which puts them at risk of more dental problems. 

Consume calcium and vitamin supplements
Your teeth need plenty of calcium in order to remain healthy. You get this mostly from dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt. Taking calcium supplements helps to ensure you have adequate levels in your body. Just ensure that you consume the right dosage and consider other minerals like zinc, copper and iron which are also available in supplements.

Use an effective mouthwash daily
Mouthwashes are great if you want to get rid of bacteria in your mouth, have fresh breath and maintain healthy teeth. Make it a habit to use a mouthwash after brushing and flossing. Most dentists Kent WA recommend mouthwashes that contain Listerine as they are highly effective in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth. 

Clean your tongue
It is one thing to brush and floss your teeth but making sure the tongue is clean and germ free is particularly important. The tongue can build up bacteria that contribute to bad breath. You can even invest in a professional tongue cleaner. Also get advice at the family dental Kent WA on proper brushing techniques. 

Drink lots of water
Taking lots of water can help you to boost good oral health.